22 May 2022

Paris after dark - 8

This is a composite image — two separate photos "stitched" together in Photoshop.
I'm posting it at a very large size, so you can enlarge it to get a closer view.
Just click on it a couple of times, or "unpinch" it on your tablet.

I'm looking downriver, so the Right Bank is on the right. Those are the buildings of the Louvre complex over there.
Opposite them, on the Left Bank, are the dome of the Institut (where the Académie Française meets to work
on its dictionary of the French language) and the Eiffel Tower. The boats on the river are called
bateaux-mouches — they take passengers up and down the river Seine
day and night to see the lights and sights of the city.


  1. No stitches are showing to my eye. The Seine looks so dark and lovely.

    1. The stitch worked really well, even though Photoshop didn't think it would.

  2. That is really cool that you were able to put the two photos together. I don't even have Photoshop, and don't know anything about how to use it. This is a great photo.

    1. Photoshop has a feature called Photomerge, but it didn't work in this case. So I did the "stitching" manually.


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