16 May 2022

Paris after dark - 2

Just a few minutes' walk across the île de la Cité from the pont au Change,
you get this nighttime view of la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris.


  1. Whenever I'm in Paris, it's always summer, so it doesn't get this dark until midnight LOL... I never really see it lit up (or lighted? which one is right!?). Lovely photo.
    Oh, I went to the link that you posted in your reply (Chez Georges). It did take me to their FaceBook page, but no photo of Evelyn. Maybe she tagged Chez Georges in a photo she posted on FB, and so it showed up on their FB page?

    1. I think Ken saw my name for liking Chez Georges on FB.

  2. So nice to see Notre Dame without the crowds, lovely shot. I’m usually there in May and October and it’s been much too long now!

  3. Beautiful photo of our lady.

  4. That image is burned into my little grey cells. BEAUTIFUL! The first time she was black; I was so glad to see her all cleaned up like your photo, here.


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