20 May 2022

Paris after dark - 6

I like the look of the water in this photo, and the bateau-mouche passing under the pont Saint-Michel.
I took it from the same spot as photo no. 3 in this series.

This morning I woke up to lightning, thunder, and...believe it or not... rain. The shower lasted all of 5 minutes. Maybe we'll get some more raindrops from the front that's moving through. We desperately need rain. But no hail, please. Afternoon temperatures have been in the upper 80s F for a few days now. Thay say this month will go down as the hottest May in the history of record-keeping. Oh, it just started raining again — heavily.


  1. The more rain the better! That boat created a nice wake for your photo.

  2. Love the water in this photo. We too are desperate for rain.

  3. E and BA, we didn't get any more rain yesterday, but it also didn't get as hot as predicted. The long-term forecast has very little rain in it, and more high temperatures. That roiled water in my photo must surely have been caused by tour boats.


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