30 May 2022

Paris after dark - 16

This isn't actually an after-dark photo. It's just a gloomy day photo. I took it on a gray day in late January 2000. Walt and I had flown to Paris to go to a concert at the Olympia "music hall" and spend a weekend, again, walking around in the city. We had originally planned to go to a concert in Las Vegas, but it was too expensive. Flying to Paris, renting an apartment for three or four nights, and buying concert tickets turned out to cost about half what Las Vegas would have cost us. And it was, of course, more fun. Here's the Eiffel tower seen from the place de la Concorde.

It's 9ºC outside this morning. That's about 48ºF. Brrr. Our central heat came on yesterday morning, with the thermostat set to 18.5ºC. The high outside today will be about 70ºF — or lower. There's a northeast wind blowing. No sign of summer here. The vegetable garden will just have to wait. Anyway, the ground is too dry. We are hoping that the contractor whose bid on re-tiling our terrasse (the front deck) we accepted nearly two years ago might show up this week. But probably not. The last time we saw him, he promised the deck would be done by summer. He didn't say what year.


  1. Fingers crossed that the deck man will arrive this week!

    1. Merci. my fingers are crossed too.

  2. Replies
    1. give B and D my best wishes.


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