07 March 2021

Another Oléron menu + a few Boyardville photos

[3 course "Bistrot" menu]

  • Seafood plate (oysters, whelks, shrimp)
  • Salad with warm goat cheese on toast
  • 5 oysters (#3, raw)
  • Mixed salad plate

  • Mussels cooked in white wine, served with French fries (all you can eat)
  • Savoy-style buckwheat crêpe (with potatoes, bacon, and cheese)
  • Grilled steak served with French fries or green beans

  • Dessert of the day (local specialties)
  • Crêpe with sugar
  • One scoop of ice cream, any flavor

    ["Specialties" menu]

    • Grilled rib steak (10 oz.) with French fries or green beans
    • Filled buckwheat crêpes (starting at 6.20 euros)
    • Luncheon salads

The Boyardville boat harbor and restaurants

The channel leading out toward the bay

The channel entrance, stabilized by a groin and a jetty

Finally, Fort Boyard, built on a sandbar in the 19th century to defend the area — especially the French navy base on the mainland at Rochefort — against attacks by British ships


  1. This little island is getting higher and higher on my Go Here list!

  2. Great fun, reading the menus, that is about the extent of my French

  3. I'll have five oysters #3, moules marinières, and raspberry ice cream, thank you!

  4. Fort Boyard is also famous in many different countries as the location of the game-show concept (called Prisoners in the castle, or something similar).

    1. I didn't know that the Fort Boyard TV show was popular in other countries. I don't think I've ever seen it, but I know host Olivier Minne from other shows and American connections (not personally).

  5. Salad de chevre chaud today plus the local desserts. Sometimes I find the script handwriting a challenge to read. Thanks for the translations, Ken!

    1. It's true that French handwriting is very different from American handwriting, as a general rule.

  6. Merci pour cet excellent post j'ai beaucoup appris !


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