19 October 2014

The remains of the garden

Every day, I tell myself that I'm going to go out and pull up the plants (such as they are) left in the vegetable garden. And every day, I find something better to do with my time.

Besides, the weather is downright summery right now. Callie's enjoying it too. Pourvu que ça dure... encore un peu.


  1. typical evidence winter is cominig BRRRRRRRRRR

  2. I can ALWAYS find better things to do than vacuuming the house, or wet-mopping the kitchen floor, or anything involving housework. I am NOT a domestic goddess by any means!

  3. I finally ! got round to pulling up our - 2 - tomato plants yesterday. Like Anne-Marie I'm VERY good at displacement activities if anyone even whispers 'housework' :-)

    How's the finger?

  4. Ken

    That's was me during these couple of weeks and then I find out that the mercury is falling to single digit during this WE and I was forced to get the herbs plants inside and pick all the tomatoes and hot peppers - still green

    Looks like you had an Indian Summer day in parts of France yesterday :-)

  5. The garden will wait. Enjoy le beau temps while it lasts... I am sitting at my favorite Bistro on this warm, sunny Sunday afternoon doing the exact same thing. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)


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