03 October 2014

Mysterious forces of nature

Our long string of fine days just won't quit. We hoped for dry and sunny late-season weather and we sure are getting it. After a mediocre July and the wettest August we've had since we moved to Saint-Aignan in 2003, we've now had the driest September. October has come in like a lamb.

It will be nice to look back on these beautiful days when the dark and gloom close in on us during the short days and long nights of November and December. Yesterday we went to spend the afternoon with friends at their new place, and we whiled away several hours sitting around a table outdoors under big umbrellas, soaking up the warmth — and a certain quantity of food and wine too. Moules et frites were the main course. How much nicer could October ever be?

The weather is a mysterious thing. So are certain animals — especially cats. Our friends have a new kitten, just three months old. She is being trained as an outdoor animal and mouser. She's called Daisy, and she's as cute as can be. She lives in a barn and can easily take shelter there to escape from pesky dogs like Callie.


  1. That's a lovely picture of our little Daisy!
    It was a perfect afternoon, more like June than October.

  2. So that's Splodge then....
    yes, I think Daisy is a better name!!

  3. Well.... welcome to Daisy! I love Caleco cats :)
    Can't wait to see more pictures of the new place, Jean!

  4. Daisy is ADORABLE! i love calicos.. do your friends know about "tortitude"?? that is.. the infamous demeanor of calicos and tortoiseshell cats? our Peeper is really something else...


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