18 October 2014

Bringing in the leaves

The weather is supposed to be exceptionally warm and dry this weekend. It's time to start working on getting all the outdoor plants that won't tolerate frost or freezing moved into the house again.

It's a big job and sometimes I wonder if it is worth it. I guess if I move the plants slowly and gradually, I won't get too tired of it and them. Petit à petit l'oiseau fait son nid...


  1. You have such a nice place to winter your plants. I'm starting the same chore soon. I'll put our plants in the garage under a light on a timer. I try to remember how nice it is to bring the plants out in the spring which helps. Some of the plants are like pets, especially our monkey face one.

  2. Petit à`petit... is the best saying for inspiration to tackle these long jobs :)


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