20 October 2014

Dew, not rain

This photo shows a late-season rose touched not by rain but by dew. Well, that's changing today.

We enjoyed a summery weekend. On the news, they are reporting that the last time it was this warm here in October was in 1954. I took the sensible advice that French Girl in Seattle gave me and put off until later the autumn gardening chores so that I could enjoy the last day of our very late 1014 2014 summer. Today's forecast: damp weather and falling temperatures. That's normal as La Toussaint approaches.


  1. Ken, I didn't know you were THAT old....??? 8-)
    Lovely rose picture... just spotted two nice buds coming by the rose at our gate...
    there is something especially attractive about late roses.

  2. Mathusalem est mort il y a plus de mille ans. Moralité: Quand on est mort, c'est pour longtemps!

  3. Merci, CHM, de m'avoir expliqué mon erreur. C'est corrigé. Tim : MDR.


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