24 October 2014

Pre-Hallowe'en images

It's only October — my 9th-year blog anniversary, by the way — but you can see Hallowe'en scenes in the environment. All it takes is a foggy, misty morning to reveal the presence of spiders and webs around the vineyard.

I've been keeping secrets. We are doing a road trip. We'll be back at home this afternoon.


  1. oh boy! road trip stories! You must be back home by the time I'm writing this, at almost noon your time :)
    Great spider webs photo, too :)

  2. I have realized that while browsing your blogs ( no Throwback Thursday pics from Walt yesterday) but didn't want to put it in words.
    Hope you've had good weather .

  3. Surely you will spill the beans about the road trip whereabouts. Secrets are fun!

  4. I love your webs. It is definitely Halloween photos. So scary............. Wow 9th anniversary it is a long time of blogging ..congrats

  5. Oh, yeah! Plus, of course, Happy Blog-writing Anniversary!


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