18 February 2013

The dog shower

The dog shower is both a place and an event. Probably 95% of the time, when we come back from a walk in the vineyard (two times a day), Callie needs a shower. Only when the weather is very dry, or when everything outdoors is frozen solid, can she do without.

Waiting patiently

When we moved into this house 10 years ago, the only shower was a tiled stall downstairs in the utility room. Walt and I took our showers down there in that unheated room for two years. Then in 2005 we finally decided to have a new shower installed in the bathroom upstairs, where there was only a tub before.

Hair enough to catch a lot of mud

Now the utility room shower is the dog shower. That's the place for the twice-daily bathing event. It's not a full bath, but just an under-body rinse. Callie doesn't mind — she used to it after six years of walks in the vineyard — as long as the water is warm. And it is.


  1. Hi Mary Allen,
    Happy Birthday to you and many happy returns of the day. C.-H.

  2. My Border Collie hated the shower, or any "human applied" water...
    I used have to get into wet weather gear and bolt the bathroom door
    [he could do door handles and knobs!]
    and let him shake most of it off before towelling...
    get near a river...
    or, especially, the sea...
    and he'd be in and out all the time!!

  3. I usually have to do an underbody wash of Brownie too, when he goes traipsing through the muddy garden after a downpour of rain.
    Callie seems to be taking it in good stride....she is a good dog.

  4. Awwwww, Callie :) Such a sweetie :) It's fun to see a photo of her in the often mentioned doggy shower.

  5. I wish we could do the same with our cats when they come in with muddy paws and a wet under carriage!

  6. Hi A and N, Bertie manages to stay dry and clean, but not Callie. She reminds of me of the Pigpen character in Peanuts/Charlie Brown.

  7. She looks like she does know what's about to happen and she isn't at all hesitant or unprepared. She must feel better afterwards, too. Do you use a hair dryer and/or towels?

  8. Towels only. I think Callie would run howling from the room if I pulled out a hair dryer.

  9. Ah, warm water.....Callie deserves that. Having freezing cold water sprayed over you can't be much fun, even if you have a fur coat !!
    Lulu has to be sponged down, with a bowl of warm water. She hates it but is gradually getting used to it.

  10. How clever of Callie to take a shower when she returns from her walk.

  11. Now, if you got the controls re-set a bit lower, and with levers rather than knobs, I wouldn't mind betting she'd work out how to shower herself!


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