16 February 2013


Here's a picture to give you an idea of how muddy it is out on the dirt road and around the edges of the vineyard. This is what my jeans look like when I get back from the morning walk.

I'm wearing my dog-walking jeans but not my hiking boots — too muddy! — when I come back into the house after a 30- to 40-minute walk with Callie. Those are my house slippers. It wasn't raining when I went out for the walk yesterday morning, but it had rained hard the previous afternoon.


  1. Wow! No wonder little Callie needs a cleanup after walking out there.
    It's feeling more and more like spring here-- even though I see that it's only 24° F... but, it's sunny. Sunny! Woo too!

  2. Generally I get mud in the back of my jeans but it must be pretty bad out to get mud in front of them.
    (The weather is warm again. I won't tell you how warm it is but it is just plain wonderful!).

  3. One can only imagine how Callie must appear after her walk.

  4. What a good Dad! Kids demand a lot from us, don't they! After all, what's a little mud?

  5. Same here. I wear wellies but the mud splats form a line on my jeans above the tops of the wellies.

    Having a dog at this time of year is hard work.....it's a good job they're so cute !!


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