24 February 2013

Snowdrops, and snow drops

The flowers below are called "snowdrops" — I'm posting the photos because they are growing in our back yard. And also because that's what we've had overnight, but in two words. A snow drop. A light snowfall. I think it's supposed to snow some more during the day.

In French, this plant is called a « perce-neige » — they flower in February, and they can pierce, or poke up through, a thin layer of snow. That's what they are having to do this morning.

Brrrrr. The snowdrops are in the picture below, sort of behind the well and near the barbecue grill. Of course, you can't really see them on the whitish background.

Notice that I "photoshopped" a utility pole right out of the picture to make for a more unspoiled scene.


  1. We've had about the same amount of snow.

  2. I'm up late, so I will blog early.
    Perfect timing showing me your snowdrops. I just reviewed an upcoming botanical watercolor class and I was reading the teacher's blog and watercolor techniques for scientific artwork.
    Your wiping out the post was a good call. Brr. It looks very cold.

  3. Same snow here... and it's brought us an Eagle Owl... well, not one of those, but the smaller lookalike... a Long-Eared Owl...

    I love the last picture, Ken... pottyshop a few twinkly stars in and you'll have this years Christmas card...

  4. Ahh! A little dusting of snow. Very nice :)

  5. If you take the BBQ grill out, you will have a nice snowy picture like those old Christmas cards :-)

  6. Nice group of photos. BTW, I like the new layout!

  7. J'adore le nom "snowdrops ;-) C'est mignon :-) Bises


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