03 February 2013

Sunday in Rouen...

...in my mind. Here are a few street scenes, taken in the soft light of a Normandy winter.

As best I can determine, all these were taken between 6 and 7 p.m. on February 1, 2003.
I wonder if I was looking for a place where I could have dinner.


  1. I love the lights in the restos.

  2. The shot of the creperie on
    the corner makes it look so
    inviting. That's where I would
    have dined.

  3. Great lighting in all of these photos. I like the look of the Pizzeria, though I'd probably try the creperie. Any idea where you did eat that night?

  4. i'm loving this series of pix thanks!

  5. We visited Rouen during a sunny June day so I missed seeing these attractive restaurants lit up! As I recall, we chose to dine in the city square, so we could admire the cathedral and enjoy the sunshine. I probably would have tried the creperie, as I had enjoyed a good savory crepe in old town Versaille a few days previously!


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