10 February 2013

A Saturday-morning dusting

Saint-Aignan in winter is moderately cold, often rainy, sometimes icy, with light snow
once in a while. It can get boring. But it's pretty if you look closely.

It was nice to be able to get out and take photos yesterday morning.
The light comes earlier and stays later in February.


  1. I'm loving these wintry photos from afar. Hope the sun comes out for you this week.

  2. You and Walt have a wonderful home, I've always loved it!

  3. Feel like I'm walking with you today. Nice wintery mix you have now.

    Will be walking our granddog in a minute. She likes to romp in the school's football field.

  4. I love the look of a dusting of frost and snow :) As always, I love seeing photos of your house from a view that I'm not used to seeing :)

  5. Hello Virginia, now we are just back to chilly rain, and everything is green.

    Hi BettyAnn, we are really enjoying our third winter in the loft, which hadn't been built out when you were here nearly five years ago.

    Bonjour Evelyn, I hope you three had a good walk. in good weather.

    Et bonjour Judith, a dusting is as pretty as and much less trouble than a blizzard, that's for sure. Those trees in the photo -- red maples -- completely hide the house from people coming up the road when they have leaves on them.

  6. It is light well after 18h00 here.


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