09 February 2013

Sun in my eyes

The sun was shining brightly yesterday afternoon when I went out for my walk with the dog. The ground is still sloppy wet, and the clay soil of the vineyard is very slippery. Today, it's supposed to snow, but not much. It will be nothing compared to the snowstorm they're having in the U.S. Northeast. I was just watching CNN's coverage of the wind-driven snow accumulating and drifting around back there.

Stepping out the back door late yesterday afternoon

In Saint-Aignan, we're right in the middle of a long, narrow strip of territory running north-south through the center of France, from Paris down to the Pyrenees, where mild wet air off the ocean is supposed to butt up against cold air sitting over eastern France, dropping snow. In Saint-Aignan, the snow will change over to rain by tomorrow morning — steady rain, they say, will fall in the middle of the day. I guess that's better than a blizzard.

Sunset seen from the vineyard

So I'm glad that we got a break yesterday, and that it was my afternoon to do the walk with Callie. I didn't exactly get a tan, but the setting sun was warming to the spirit. Walt will have to walk in the snow or rain this afternoon and tomorrow morning.

Looking down the hill out over the river

I've concluded that my knee problems I mentioned a few days ago were the result of an injury. I must have twisted my knee slightly on a walk on slippery surfaces — slick mud or ice — when I was out walking the dog. The knee is much better now. I'm happy about that.

Callie the border collie on her walk yesterday

At seven-thirty, Walt got up and informed me that the skylight windows upstairs are iced over. It's snowing. So I'll have to go out and walk on slippery surfaces again this morning.


  1. Many have lost power on the East Coast. I hope everybody is safe and warm.

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  3. We're having our usual winter, meaning it's in the low to mid-20sC!

  4. Glad your knee is healing- take care.


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