28 February 2013

Bottling wine, and a visit

We have company. Mike and Gustav (and Munson the malamute) have been living on a farm down in southwestern France for a couple of year. Now they are headed to Australia, where they will take up residence in Sydney. Here's a link to Mike's blog.

Here's Walt bottling up some rosé wine from the local cooperative the other day.
We buy wine by having our plastic jugs filled, and then we put it in bottles and
cork them ourselves for storage in the cellar. The wine costs about 1.50 euros
per bottle this way. We were also getting ready to make split-pea soup.

We are glad they could stop off for a night in Saint-Aignan on their way to Paris and points beyond. They brought us beef from the farm (in the area called the Gers), some candied ginger, and a bottle of 35-year-old Armagnac (think Cognac).


  1. I remember a visit last year-ish, too? Maybe not all three, but maybe Mike and malamute? :) Safe travels to all, and enjoy the wine bottling :)

  2. thanks to you I have been enjoying Mike's blog....Bon Voyage for their upcoming journey

  3. Please say hello to Mike and Gustav for Lewis and me. Also bon voyage for their move to Australia.

  4. Hi E., Mike asked about you two. It was good to see him and Gustav one more time. Who knows how long it will be...

    Judy, the last visit must have been in Sept. 2011.

  5. What a great way to buy wine!

  6. Bonjour, Ken. Where did the guys stay this time? Hopefully, not in the tent! Ça frisquette un peu.

  7. Dean, they begged us to set the tent up in the back yard, but this time we insisted that they stay in the guest room.

  8. Hi there, Ken! I like color of your Rosé wine. It has a light blush, which I can tell, also has a silky and smooth texture. What I really like with this kind of wine is that it has fruitier taste. I often pair it with seafood or Asian food that has a lighter dish. Anyway, good luck on your wine bottling. It can be a daunting task sometimes, transferring the wine from the jugs to the bottles. But I know you’re enjoying it, so keep up the good work.

    Rob Feckler


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