20 February 2013

Crime scene?

No, no crimes committed that I know of. Unless a deer nibbling on tender new vine growth is considered to be a criminal.

The red and white strips of plastic tape go up around the vineyard in places where hungry chevreuils, called "roe" deer, might be tempted to feed. The plastic strips are supposed to scare them off. The tape does flutter, flap, and shimmer in the breeze in a way that might make a deer nervous. I wonder if deer, like dogs, are color-blind.

Callie chased a deer near this spot yesterday morning. She was pretty excited, and she got some good exercise. She never really got close to the deer, however. It was in the woods along a ravine, and Callie seems always to want to be able to see me, so she doesn't go far.


  1. That is a very interesting deterent...
    on a similar line, Ken, there is a use for the insides of old video and cassette tapes... in the potager.
    You stretch a network of tape between canes... giving each length a couple of twists as you go.
    The twists move back and forth in the wind and the flickering from matt to shiny moving about keeps birds, especially pigeons, off the veg.
    An allotment neighbour used it... it worked... we got all the pigeons... in our cherry tree!!

  2. good girl, Callie! our crew would love to chase a deer. it had better run fast tho - very fast. our dogs are our 'crime tape.'

  3. Maybe she thinks you'll abandon her if she can't see you.

  4. Ken, I retyped in the url line: using a floor tile for a pizza stone and there were several answers but they all stated to use quarry tiles - unglazed tiles.
    Hope you don't get sick, at least you hadn't taken my advice before you used your own tile. I would feel terrible if you get sick either way.


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