19 February 2013


We were getting used to the early morning fog — le brouillard — and then yesterday dawn was bright and clear. That's a sure sign that temperatures are falling.

Gray skies over the vines

Callie's not sure where the house went.

Can you see the houses?

These are some photos from the Sunday morning walk. It's time for me to go out there again, right now, into the freezing cold.


  1. It's similar here, frosty and misty, but promising a nice day. Lulu is curled up in her bed, not looking too keen on going out just yet!

  2. Hope you get back in the "warrum" soon... I've just 'nipped' [minus 3 here and very sunny] over to get the biggus boilerus fired up. Shoulda dunnit last thing, last night... but I use tiredness as my excuse... so the system had actually stopped heating us by 7AM... it's only twenty yards... but it's also like a cold shower on mornings like these... verrry invigorating! I'm wide awake now!!!
    We had our thick fogger on Saturday... boy, it was an eerie sight watching the trees appear.

  3. About your industrial tiles/kitchen use: I've read on some gourmet/cuisine website (are they always 100% true?) that one can definitely use any floor tile for a pizza/bread stone in the oven (high heat is necessary to bake the tiles in the first place!). Just make sure (I'm sure you did!) to wash thoroughly before using - of course!
    We're having a spot of rain this morning - but yesterday it was sunny all day! Spring is on it's way to the northwest USA - at least in my neck of the woods...

  4. Thanks for that info about tiles, Mary. We are using an otherwise new tile fresh out of the package. My only worry has to do with any lead in the glaze. Before we bake anything else on the tile, I need to go check the label on the box it came out of.


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