05 August 2012

When will it fall?

Every time Callie and I go down the hill and through the woods on our walk, I have to pass under a big tree that leans across the path. I duck under quickly and make sure not to touch the trunk. It will fall one day, inevitably, and I don't want it to fall on me.

Headed down the hill...

...and looking back up toward the vineyard

This big tree and many others blew over in the big windstorm we had in February 2010. I don't know who owns the woods, but nobody has ever come to cut the leaning tree down and remove the danger.

Ooh, that smells interesting!

It's hard to take photos in the woods because it's so dark under the canopy of leaves. The ground is still damp, after days of dry weather, and there are many big orange slugs on the ground. Many smaller trees have fallen across the path. I step over them and Callie jumps them. She seems to enjoy doing that.


  1. Ken, that tree looks as though it is snagged on a tree or trees the other side of the path... otherwise you would be stepping over it. Check how big the tree[s] it is caught up on is/are... and if healthy, you should be alright for a good while yet... especially if the fallen tree is still growing.

    The WV is 12 mbkenis...
    Tim [up early on a Sunday... Descartes Market calling]

  2. Tim, I'm sure you are right. I'll check it next time, but I won't be standing under the leaning tree of La Renaudière when I do it. Happy marketing.

  3. That's a nice photo of Callie having a good smell.

  4. The photos in the woods are always really cool because they feel kind of isolated :)

  5. If you think it could cause that much danger then see if the local council can do something about to make it safe.

    Claire from Brisbane QLD

  6. Claire, I'm not sure whether the path through the woods is a public right-of-way or just private land. So I don't know if the mairie would be able to do anything, and I'm not inclined to ask.

    Judy, it does feel isolated down there, but it's really close to our house and yard.

  7. There doesn't appear to be much danger as the leaning tree is being supported by the trees on the other side of the path.


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