06 August 2012

Squash etc.

We had some more rain yesterday, but it was the kind of rain we want and need. Now temperatures are supposed to climb into the 80s again for most of the week, so the garden will be happy.

Summer and winter squash plants

Walt planted several kinds of squash this year: butternuts, zucchini, potimarrons (little pumpkins), and patidoux (a little round squash called "sweet dumpling"). The plants, as you can see, are looking good.

The squash aren't the only happy plants out there in the garden. Tomatoes and eggplants are growing and starting to ripen. Bell peppers too. We picked the first tomato (photo below) over the weekend.

Tomates et une aubergine

Here's a piece of news that I don't have any photos for. Bertie the black cat seems to have found a friend. Yesterday morning while we were out doing some cleanup work around the yard, we noticed a yellow tabby cat just outside the fence. We're pretty sure that the cat belongs to summertime neighbors from the Paris area who are spending the month of August in their house here in our hamlet.

Bertie and the tabby weren't fighting! They hung out together for an hour or two. The tabby let Walt get close enough for a little caresse. The two cats explored the new path we've cleared along the fence on the north side.

Callie saw them and barked at them, sticking her nose through the fence. The tabby took a swipe at Callie's nose, and the dog went yelping back toward the house. The balance of power may have changed. Too bad the tabby cat will be going back to Paris in a few weeks.


  1. Bertie is probably picking up a few dog management tips from his new friend.

  2. Hi Carolyn, a few minutes ago Bertie came up to the terrace and we let him in the house. A couple of minutes later, Callie came upstairs from her summertime quarters down in the entryway. Callie walked up to Bertie, sniffed him, and then turned and walked away. No aggression at all. Nice.

  3. Looks like the "100 yr war will be over soon " between Callie and Bertie. :-)

  4. Peaceful coexistence at last!

  5. oh YAY, glad they r finally at least passing each other in the house without fighting.....also glad Bertie has a friend.....

  6. That's excellent news!! Now that Bertie has a 'Parisian' bodyguard, Callie probably finds it wiser not to start a fight. After all, it's two against one now and the Paris 'kid' seems to know a few street fighter tricks! :) Yet, and although I'm a cat person, I can't help feeling sorry for Callie, who has lost her 'mistress of the house' status! Martine

  7. Great news on all fronts, then! The garden and its goodies look healthy and well tended. The Callie-and-Bertie news is great, too!


    p.s. I just finished As Always, Julia. I loved it! Curiously, I don't think that Julia finished any of her letters with that sign-off, however :)))

  8. Mais c'est génial, toutes ces nouvelles ;-) !


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