19 August 2012

Saint-Aignan street scenes ( 6 )

This was our friends' display at the August 12 flea market in Saint-Aignan. They sold quite a bit of stuff in the morning (a lot of it to us!). The afternoon was less busy, they said, and not everything was sold by any means.

Stuff for sale on the market square in Saint-Aignan

Second subject: the temperature on our front deck and in the loft upstairs hit 36.8ºC yesterday afternoon — about 98ºF (normal human body temperature is 37ºC). The deck faces east, so it was completely shaded when we recorded that temperature at four or five p.m.

There aren't many days when I can see my shadow at 7:30 a.m.
I'm not on stilts, but I am wearing shorts.

It's of course cooler this morning but still many degrees warmer than normal. It's not supposed to be quite as hot today. That's good, because I'm feeling worn out.

Early yesterday morning out in the Renaudière vineyard


  1. 27 at midnight here, after 40 during the day. Too toasty for me...

  2. Ken,have you considered getting a portable room air conditioner that is eco-friendly? We had one in Paris - worked well.

  3. 35ºC on our front deck right now, "cooler" than yesterday. But the weather widget on my laptop says 38C (100F) in Saint-Aignan itself. Isa, I've glanced at the portable AC units and prices, but the really hot days here are so few and far between that I'm not tempted... yet.

  4. Holy cow!! And Jane posted on FB that it was 100°F, but felt like 107°. So sorry for you guys!

  5. p.s. Totally not your fault, but man oh man, these word id things are getting out of control! I have to go through several of them before I can even guess the letters correctly. They've begun making them so annoying!

  6. Judy, I know and agree about the word verification strings. I can try turning that feature off again, but then I'll have dozens or scores of spam messages to sort through daily. I guess we all need to complain to Blogger. The weather widget on my desktop says it's 100F in S-A but on our deck it's more like 95.

  7. It was 39/40C here yesterday and our thermometer sits on a north wall. When we were out in the car [hurrah for air conditioning] the temp briefly blipped to 41C before 'dropping' to 40!

    Today has been a bit better--37C but now it's getting muggy and overcast. I think we might get thunder.


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