17 August 2012

Saint-Aignan street scenes ( 4 )

The church in Saint-Aignan seen from the market square is a sight that always pleases me. You can see that last Sunday was a pretty day.

The church in Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher

We are dreading the next four or five days because the weather is supposed to be extremely hot and dry. Predictions are for afternoon temperatures in the 90s F (mid-30s C), and they say it will stay uncomfortably warm overnight. A canicule (heat wave) warning has been issued. Remember, houses here are not, in general, air-conditioned.

Here's a link to the MétéoFrance map showing the canicule warning area.


  1. Heureusement pour vous il n'y a pas de vigilance particulière dans le Loir-et-Cher. So, no canicule for you, just hot weather! LOL

  2. Pas encore, CHM, pas encore ! MétéoFrance nous annonce une température de 37ºC pour dimanche après midi. On va cuire.

  3. yup it's batten down the hatches time and fans at full power...

  4. Just read a blog from the
    Tarn-et-Garonne where a heat
    emergency has been declared.
    Health advisory issued advising
    people to drink l4 glasses of
    water OR wine per day.

  5. Sheila, do they really say to drink wine? I'd be surprised. The alcohol in wine is dehydrating, I believe. Anyway, it is France...

    Temperature here right now on our terrace is "only" 29.9ºC. In the shade.

  6. You may want to sleep in your cellar! Hope it goes away quickly.

  7. 14 glasses of water or wine? 14 glasses of wine? Wow!
    As Evelyn said, you might want to camp out in your cellar. But you've been through heat waves before, so I bet you'll be all right.
    We let the breeze flow through the house this morning, but now the shutters and windows are shut on the sunny side.
    Sheila, Tarn-et-Garonne is where one of my daughters will be moving soon.

  8. Bonjour Cousin

    I know that you like hot weather but can you bear the canicule @ 30-35C ?

    Just asking because, even with my 'background" I am finding it more and more difficult when the temp goes above 25C ( it's worse when the humidity is high).
    Another peculiar thing, I tend to get sun rash whenever I am nearby an ocean front .

  9. Ellen, I grew up in the U.S. South, and we didn't have AC back then. So I know what high heat is like, though that doesn't make it a lot easier.

    Beaver, CHM would say: "Ce n'est pas encore la grande chaleur !" At least here in Saint-Aignan we don't have high humidity. It's 32ºC on the terrace now. That's 90F.

  10. Ellen, you and your daughter
    might enjoy reading this
    usually daily blog (therickety
    Todaywas just about the heat,
    but the past few days have been
    particularly amusing. He's a Scot,
    she's Swedish, and they are very
    involved in Village Life.

  11. Funny how you guys seem to have the opposite weather of the U.S. In Chicago and much of the country, we've been sweltering all summer while it's been cool in France, and now it's oddly fall-like in August and you get the heat!

  12. CHM and others, check out the MétéoFrance heatwave warning again. We are right on the edge of the orange area, in the yellow. Current temperature (7:50 p.m.): 30C (86F). For us, that's really hot. Predicted tomorrow for here and in Paris: 36C (97F).

  13. Oh dear, everyone knows that air-conditioning is the devil's work!.

  14. Ken

    BBQ or sandwiches - no cooking inside. Sitting under one of the trees with a cooler of water .

    I guess sleeping a la belle étoile will be more manageable than being upstairs.

  15. Starman, I'm glad to see you've finally come around to my point of view!


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