16 August 2012

Saint-Aignan street scenes ( 3 )

For the brocante / vide-grenier last Sunday, the streets were blocked off to car traffic. The one in the picture below runs up from the river into the old town and the market square.

"STREET CLOSED" is what the sign says.


  1. Another nice picture of the town - love the boxes overflowing with flowers. That's one of the most noticeable differences between French and many UK towns - certainly where I live - here the authorities do not spend so much on flowers, they don't thrive so much due to the weather, and if they were left on the street like that someone would most probably steal them.

  2. I'm really enjoying these Saint-Aignan street scenes! Thank you.

  3. gThat lille house ( la maison bleue) mentioned in an earlier post is for sale for €121.900. Seems quite a steep price to me!

  4. The maison bleue was completely renovated five or six years ago. It's a desirable rental property and is profitable for its owner, I think.


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