27 August 2012


Home improvement work continues. It might seem like a detail, but what a difference when you stand at the window and look out. Instead of a cracking and peeling surface just outside, you see a clean, white, smooth window ledge.

In this view, the big metal window shutter in the bedroom is open at an angle
to keep out the direct sun but let in air and light.

It has taken me only nine years to get around to painting the window ledges. I guess I had other priorities until now. Only seven more to go!

Looking out the bathroom window

In France, a window ledge is « un rebord de fenêtre » or « un appui de fenêtre ». Rebord means "edge" and the ones in these photos are the rebords extérieurs. Appui means more or less "support" — the window sits on it and is supported by it.

This is another in my series documenting work we have done and are doing around the house, mostly to be keep a record for myself.


  1. Job well done Ken. But it only reminds me of the many outstanding chores that we (I) need to do.
    Hope Sue doesn't read this.

  2. Oui, nice job! Yes, fresh and clean is very nice, very nice indeed :)

  3. Bravo! I'm slow to get going on projects also. I'm hoping that you will inspire us to do some painting this fall. Time will tell.

  4. Good work, Ken! It looks very nice.

  5. Very impressive! It's so reassuring once it's done, but that's one those jobs that always seems to require the mythical "round tuit" that one always needs to get - at some point in the future....


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