18 August 2012

Saint-Aignan street scenes ( 5 )

At the flea market last weekend, I was interested in the set of six little glasses you see in the picture below. I went to the stand two or three times over the course of the morning, but I never found anybody there selling anything. I gave up.

On display, yes — but for sale?

Our high temperature yesterday was 32ºC (90ºF). With low humidity and a slight breeze, it wasn't too bad — even though we are not used to such heat here and are poorly equipped to deal with it. I think today (Saturday) will turn out to be the hottest day.

Weather map for Saturday 18 August 2012

I woke up at 4:00 this morning and came downstairs to open the windows. I threw the Velux windows upstairs wide open too, so that the hot air would be sucked skyward. Sleeping wasn't bad at all, since there's almost no humidity in the Saharan air that is flowing across France from the south.

The "French" pandas live just a mile or two from our house.

This is all much ado about nothing, I guess. France is still suffering the after-effects of the long 2003 heat wave that killed 15,000 people; that's the reason for all the hype and drama. If you were listening all the warnings on the French news reports, you'd understand. "Drink water all day; keep your children in; don't go out in the sun and, if you do, wear a hat; stay in touch with your neighbors, especially the elderly and the infirm..." and so on.


  1. It got up to 36 in Jarnac yesterday. Glorious times.

    I do remember the headlines of that heatwave in 2003, we lived in Las Vegas at that time where it is hot all summer.
    Living in a stone house is very different than living with AC...we were not hot at all last night.

  2. Glad you've not got humidity. It really makes the heat more bearable.
    Weird about the brocante stall with no one manning it. Those were cute little wine glasses!

  3. 36.5C on the front porch this afternoon. That's 96F. I went out and squirted Callie with the garden hose this afternoon, to give her some relief. I think she's already dry. It's should be less hot tomorrow, but still hot.

  4. Interesting about the honey ice cubes for the pandas.
    Our grand dog Rosie tolerates heat poorly, so we sprinkle her often with a hose and keep the fan going.

    15,000 deaths in 2003 was a tragedy. Best to be prudent in the heat. Glad you are doing OK.

  5. Evelyn, Walt took some good pictures of Callie playing in the spray of the hose. I'm sure he'll be posting them soon.

  6. If you guys weren't documenting the weather, I would never believe it gets that warm in France. Well, maybe southern France.


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