15 August 2012

Saint-Aignan street scenes ( 2 )

If you had been here last Sunday, you could have picked up a nice pontoon boat at the annual Saint-Aignan flea market. The church is not for sale, as far as I know.

Asking price: 500 €


  1. I'm still coveting those
    copper pots!

    Your new header is a delight.
    Everything in Texas is brown
    because of the drought/heat.

    Anniversary of Julia Child's
    100th b'day today. She's even
    portrayed on Google's ID box.

  2. Oh, Sheila, thanks for that info about JC and Google :)) One of my students sent me this link today for a little cute video about JC.

    p.s. First day back at school with students today. pff.

  3. Thanks Judith! "the little cute video of JC" is wonderful!!

  4. Thanks Judy, that's a great video. I just finished reading two NYT articles about Julia Child that were in today's edition. Bon courage pour ton travail !

  5. Hope your day is good and your students are eager! Thanks for the video link- JC was one of a kind!

  6. The student remark is meant for JUDY.

  7. The NYT has a section for readers to tell their favorite recipes from Julia's books. I'm making a list of those and going to comment also.

  8. "The church is not for sale, as far as I know"

    Lol, Ken :-) !

  9. DARN! And buying a church has been at the top of my list when I hit garage sales!!!

    just kidding...

    Mary in Oregon

  10. The price seems a bit high. Maybe he's leaving room for negotiation?

  11. Wonderful video, thanks. I remember black & white Julia, and my father laughed for years about her show on cooking roast suckling pig -- she kept patting it on it bottom.

  12. 500 euros for a good inflatable seems a great price. So long as it has no holes in it.

    I love the Julia Child video. Julia and Julia is one of my favourite films. I watch it regularly.


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