01 December 2023

Et maintenant.... décembre

The cold weather predicted earlier for this day, the first of December, got canceled. It's not exactly warm outside, however. It's chilly but above freezing. This morning I spent some time exploring photos that I took during the first week of December 10 years ago. They show our back yard, the vines in the vineyard, the trees and leaves in the woods around the vineyard, and fallen leaves becoming an autumn memory.

Blogger had a really hard time uploading my photos this morning. It took forever. It wasn't my fault or the pictures' fault. It was Blogger, or whatever server, wherever it is, that the photos are uploaded to. Some mornings I think Blogger is just going to conk out for good.


  1. I enjoyed yesterday's greenhouse photos :) (When I'm on my iPad -- which I am, on some mornings -- I can't seem to comment. I'll have to change some setting, but I haven't taken the time to figure out what, yet.)

    1. All these issues with commenting... Walt has them too, and we can't figure it out.

  2. Beautiful pictures all of them. Autumn is my favorite season.


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