05 December 2023

Sunrise yesterday

We had a spectacular sunrise yesterday (Dec. 4). Apparently, I missed most of it, but I did manage to snap these two photos. Walt had gone out for the walk with Tasha, and I was sitting in front of my laptop completing some required paperwork that I need to send to my bank. Walt and the dog got back and he yelled upstairs for me to look out the back window. He said there was a magnificent rainbow. I only got a glimpse of it from the living room window, and a snapshot (below). The carpet of orange leaves on the grass out back was (above) also pretty nice.


  1. Wow, beautiful, glad you were able to photograph this to share.

    1. Walt said that the rainbow was a full arc and the colors were intense. I missed out on the best part of it.

  2. These photos make me miss our backyard woods. Glad you caught the rainbow!

  3. I really liked your backyard woods in Anniston too.


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