27 September 2023

Irancy landscapes

These are photos I took in late October, nearly 10 years ago, in Irancy (northern Burgundy). The grapes grown in the village's 600 acre vineyard are almost entirely Pinot Noir. Above, you can see the village's church down in a hollow. And that's Walt taking a photo and being followed around by our dog Callie the border collie.


Irancy "occupies an arrestingly sunken site surrounded by vineyards that rise up over its roofs, making the buildings appear as if they are going to disappear forever down some geological plughole." So says Andrew Jefford in his book The New France: A complete guide to contemporary French wine (2002, revised 2006).

Just above, a road snakes through the Irancy vineyard. And on the right is our Peugeot 206 parked in the vineyard. The 206 is 23 years old now and still runs great.

Yesterday I had a new radio installed in the car because the original radio went silent. Then I drove it over to Chenonceaux to buy some wine from a winery near there called La Gourmandière. I paid 66 euros for 30 liters (40 bottles), 10 liters each of red, rosé, and white wines. La Gourmandière used to be a cooperative with local grape-growers as members, but now it has a single owner. Here's a link to earlier posts of mine about it.


  1. Wow, what lovely scenery... and so sweet to see Callie in the photo :)

  2. Which box of red did you get?

    1. Cabernet rouge was what was on the label. Over the summer we got 10 litre bibs of Cabernet Sauvignon a couple of times, but they sold out. The cab franc rouge is good too.

  3. What beautiful golds in these pictures. "66 euros for 30 liters" that is so reasonable compare to prices here!


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