03 February 2023

Février 2018 (3)

The hamlet and vineyard where we live is not prettied up. It's fairly rustic. Grape-growing is agriculture, after all. Here are some more photos from February 2018. Obviously, the weather wasn't damp or cold enough to keep me from going out to take pictures, and walk the dog.

I'm still busy working on our new internet connection and learning about changes we need to make. Replacing old equipment — USB wifi adapters, for example. Back to work I go...


  1. Hope the solutions to your new problems come easy...

  2. We got Walt's computer set up with a new, high-speed wifi adapter this morning, so things are looking up. Today is a nice mild day. I did good grocery shopping this morning, and W made ham, mushroom, olive, and Cantal cheese pizzas for lunch. Things are calming down.

  3. Those pizzas sure sound good.


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