26 February 2023

Février 2005 (3)

Well, this morning I won't be going over to Noyers for a walk around the petit port du canal de Berry. It's just too cold outside, and my cold isn't completely gone yet. I don't want to have a relapse. Let me ask Evelyn: do you recognize the canal as the body of water where your B&B was in 2021? In the big picture at the center of this post, you can see the village church, which is just across the street from the B&B.

The image on the right just above is a close-up of the reflection you see in the photo on the left.


  1. Just now realizing that our B&B in 2021 was near this canal! We were there such a short time that I didn't walk around and enjoy the wonderful site right before me. This happens to me when I forget to look around the place I'm staying or when I'm traveling too quickly. That was a great B&B with nice hosts and that wonderful dinner together. I hope your weather is good for a walk next Sunday. You will probably feel much better by then.

  2. Hope you feel better Ken. Those willow trees in the main picture sure are attractive.

  3. Just lovely. I would like to check out that canal boat! It is often a fast-paced vacation when I am in France, too, Evelyn! So much to see and do! I collapse at night after a full day of adventuring!


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