27 February 2023

Février 2005 (4)

Today's is the fourth and last post in th1s series about the gare d'eau (ou petit port) over in Noyers, across the river from Saint-Aignan. It's just over two miles from our house. Following my theme of the past couple of months, I'm posting photos I've taken over the years during the month we're living through today. This batch is made up of February images. I'll have to find one more, at least, for the last day of the month.

I wish the photos were less "noisy" (grainy) but there not much I can do about that, given digital photos taken on a gray, gloomy winter day with a camera that would now qualify as an antique. According to the time-stamp the camera saved with the pictures, I took these five photos in the space of 11 minutes on a walk with our dog Collette around 10 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 6, 2005.


  1. Ken, you need Topaz AI to deal with all that noise.... not free, but it really brings old photos to life.
    I have a 2003 picture that I have doubled in size and quadrupled in resolution saving at the moment
    That will allow me to recrop the picture for a competition. The detail it recovers is excellent.
    I will PM you examples.
    I love the top right reflection of the avenue of pollards... superb capture.

    1. Thanks Tim. I'll have a look at Topaz AI. Glad you liked that photo.

  2. The reflection in the water, that you captured, is really nice :)

  3. Beautiful photos of beautiful reflections.

  4. These winter photos are really nice. It's good to catch the trees before they leaf out. Our trees are starting to bud now and our sunny spots will soon be shady.

  5. They’re all good, but my favorite is #5, for composition, light, reflections and colors. Photos, drawings, watercolors, pastels and paintings are most of the time a safe bet with water in the composition.


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