06 December 2022

Une flognarde aux abricots et à la poudre d'amandes

Everything is about food right now. It's like this every year at this time. The temperature hovers just above or just below freezing. The sky is leaden gray. Gloom closes in. There's Walt's birthday to look forward to (steak au poivre), Christmas of course (a turkey, we hope), and New Year's eve and day — seafood, including gambas and/or langoustines (prawns), and maybe mussels (moules). See, it's all about food. This is France. (I say we hope to roast a turkey for Christmas, but an outbreak of avian flu is making poultry hard to find or afford here.)

Yesterday, I made a spur-of-the-moment dessert for us. Since we were finishing the cassoulet-in-a-can as our main course at lunch, and we had finished the sweet potato pie the day before. The kitchen was available donc and I had the ingredients. This is an apricot flognarde, a kind of clafoutis, made with dried apricots that I put on the stove to simmer for maybe 15 minutes in water while I made a custard.

The custard is three eggs beaten with 100 grams of sugar (half a cup) to which you add 40 grams of flour (slightly less than half a cup) and 250 ml (one generous cup) of milk or cream (half & half would be good, as would whole milk).

Then add about 80 grams of powdered almonds (half a cup or more). Stir the mixture well. Butter a pie plate and pour the custard in. Place the re-hydrated apricots (or other fruit) on top of the custard and bake the flognarde/clafoutis for 30 to 40 minutes until it's golden brown.

It will start puffing up around the edges and when it's done the center will be puffed up as well. Then it will sink back down as it cools. This recipe makes a cakey pie and it will make its own crust as it cooks.


  1. Looks Good, I should try that

  2. As I was sending this recipe to myself the autocorrect put floorboard for flognarde!

  3. Back to food posts, yea!! (Not that I don’t like your non food posts.)

  4. I need something like this soon- we are having dreary weather right now.

  5. We've been fogged in and it is cold, too! Brrrrr.

  6. Just getting over Covid, and partly because of that I've ignored all my news feeds for several weeks. So I decided to try to make a dent, and what do I see but an interesting piece about the winery near you, then a piece filled with delicious food items. Because of Covid my sense of taste has been reduced, so my enjoyment of food and wine has been diminished. If I could get the kind of BIBs you can, I'd be happy to pour a glass with dinner every night, and if I can't enjoy it, c'est la vie. Instead I've ben judicious with what I've been opening each night, hoping that I wouldn't be throwing a lot of money down the drain. But a fair amount has gone down the drain.

    1. Sorry to hear about your Covid woes, Bob, but glad to know you are doing better. When I discovered the Simonnet winery's web site, I thought it would be worth going there to buy some of that "new" wine (2022 vintage). The Gamay is good. We haven't opened the Sauvignon Blanc or the Cabernet Franc rosé yet. Christmas is coming...


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