31 December 2022

Décembre 2007 (2)

Once in a while, when I go out walking around the vineyard with the dog, I put my camera in black and white mode.




  1. Isn't it something to think about how everything was captured in black and white, originally?
    I was telling my students the other day that TV shows used to be labeled "color" in the TV Guide, in the first years when color TV started being offered.

  2. I like the black and white although it makes the landscape look cold, I think.

    1. The black and white is probably truer to many of our December days than color is.

  3. These are nice. I miss having a darkroom, the alchemy of film.

  4. When I was a teenager I was friends with a French maid and butler's kids. They took care of a mansion that the owner's visited in the summer. We stood on the porch to see their color tv one night. It was a marvel to us.

  5. Black & white photos appear to me more "professional" and "fit for a gallery" quality. Since we view life in it's real color having the photo rely strictly on the shadings is a change. I probably could use that choice on my camera more frequently just for the definitions it provides to the viewer. Happy New Years to all!


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