29 November 2022

Satellite images of France

Nosing around on the internet this morning, I happened upon the site of the EU's Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellite. What caught my eye was a set of images showing the Mont Saint-Michel. I'd like to go back there one day.


On the left above is a satellite view of the baie du Mont-Saint-Michel. The Mont is the black speck near the center of the image. The image on the right shows a closer view, with the Mont again in the middle of the image.

Directly above is one of my photos of the Mont. I took it in June 2004 when I was driving up to the town of Barneville-Carteret to pick up CHM and his partner France and then drive back to Saint-Aignan. I also visited the Mont in 2005, 2006, and 2007. I don't believe I've been back there since then. My memory is not what it used to be...


Here are two more images that I saw on the Copernicus Sentinal-2 web site. I'm sure there are many more images there of many more sights in France. I'll be exploring it more.


  1. I would like to see it again too but I doubt I will ever get there. It was so interesting to see how things were set up on such a small island.

  2. This is an interesting post. I'm glad I went there once more in 21, but was foolish to climb to the top lol.

  3. Had no idea such a website existed! These are very cool images. I love Mont St Michel. Always seems like a place from a fairytale that could not exist in real life!

  4. Wonderful pictures. The first two aerials look like modern or abstract art!

  5. Thanks so much for these. Very interesting.


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