20 November 2022

Toads, and roof repairs

Here are a few more photos of the toads that invaded our pond and neighborhood back in the early years of our residency here in Saint-Aignan. At the time, I believed we might have invasions like that every year, but it's never happened again. I still see the odd toad or two from time to time, but no hordes of them.


This toad was an impressive swimmer...


Fortunately, we recently found a roofer who has now completed some repairs to stop a leak we've been dealing with for a few years now, as well as to fix a gutter and a downspout that were acting up. Thanks to the friends who recommended him. His work will be put to the test this week, it seems. MétéoFrance and other weather forecasting services are predicting we'll have a wet and windy week starting this morning.


  1. I agree with Mitchell- these are really good photos. Frogs are usually camera shy.

  2. I enjoyed hearing about how good lamb is in France, in the last post, but couldn't comment yesterday --I'm the typical American who doesn't eat lamb except in Gyros :)
    The frog/toad photos are pretty cool :)

  3. I wish I could swim that well. So glad you have a good roofer now, I know those problems have plagued you for quite awhile.

  4. That was me, BettyAnn


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