28 November 2022

Day 3 of the lamb feast

For day 3 of the lamb feast, I made a shepherd's pie. I chopped and sautéed an onion, a shallot, some celery, and some mushrooms. I grated some carrot, and I pressed three garlic cloves. I diced up about 2 cups of lamb and added it to the pan with the aromatic vegetables. I also added some of the drippings (le jus) from the lamb roast, which I had saved.


Next, I steamed 8 or 10 potatoes. When they were tender, I let them cool and then scraped the peel off them. I mashed them with a wooden fork. Instead of butter and milk, I used olive oil and some more of the jus from the lamb roast as the liquid in the mashed potato. (I didn't think milk and butter would go well with the lamb mixture.) I seasoned the mashed potato with salt, black pepper, thyme, and spicy smoked paprika.


When the lamb mixture was cooked, I put it in the bottom of a baking dish. I spooned mashed potato over the lamb mixture to cover it completely. Using the wooden fork, I made a pattern on top of the potato so that it would brown and there would be some crispy bits on top after it cooked in the oven for about 30 minutes.

Voilà : a shepherd's pie (or hachis parmentier) made with lamb, aromatics including herbs and spices, and mashed potatoes à l'huile d'olive. I have two slices of the lamb in the freezer for another use, and of course we have leftovers of the shepherd's pie for another meal. (Scroll down to find more posts about this lamb roast.)


  1. Very nice! I've taken to making a hamburger version of this (out of desperation one night, trying to use what I had on hand)... it was surprisingly good! I mixed in some jar gravy (shhhh, don't tell), and added peas and corn and carrots in the meat. It's actually really good! I imagine the lamb version makes it really special, though, but for using what I had on hand, it was good :) And pretty fast.

  2. Looks good, Ken! And Judy, yours sounds good too!

  3. No moussaka this time? Could I make this with turkey?


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