05 October 2022

Porc au vin rouge

I've seen recipes for pork cooked in red wine on the 'net under the titles bourguignon de porc and civet de porc. Bourguignon is normally made with beef. Civet is most famously made with a hare (un lièvre). Making this dish with pork shoulder was an experiment for me — a successful one. I cooked the sautéed pork in red wine from Cahors, which is made from Malbec grapes and known as vin noir.




  1. I think any meat can be cooked ”bourguigon” way, even if bœuf bourguignon is the best known one. Porc bourguignon rings well with me because it means it is made the same way as beef. And it is probably as good. Most recipes are born from experiment!

    1. The specialty at the Trumilou restaurant on the quai behind the Hôtel de Ville is canard au vin rouge When I had it for lunch a few years ago, it was delicious.

  2. That looks quite tasty, Ken!

  3. Oh, that looks delicious! I will check out the restaurant in January. Haven’t been to Paris since 2019.


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