20 October 2022

Les chèvres de nos voisins

Have I mentioned that our young neighbors just down the road are keeping a couple of goats in an outbuilding on their property? They are beautiful animals. I don't know if the neighbors milk them or do anything with the milk.


  1. They ARE beautiful. I’d visit them every day if the neighbor would allow it.

  2. That is a pretty goat. Did Tasha bark at it?

  3. Are they friendly? The neighbors and the goats.

  4. Maybe they are using them as lawnmowers. I think they will perform that function well. ;-)

    1. Diogenes, yes, the goats serve as lawnmowers. The neighbors don't believe in mowing grass or pruning hedges.
      BettyAnn, yes the neighbors are friendly. I learned back in June that she speaks English. Maybe he does too. They have a baby that must be two years old now.
      Evelyn, no, Tasha didn't bark.
      Mitchell, the goats aren't strictly confined to the barn. Sometimes they are allowed out to do their mowing work. But they seem a little skittish, especially around Tasha.


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