24 September 2022

Troglodytes (2)

Poking around in my photos database, I came across two more pictures like yesterday's. I just read on Wikipédia.fr that there are approximately 25,000 habitations trolodytiques in France. There are even villages troglodytiques in many French regions, including the Loire Valley.


Troglodyte houses can be fairly elaborate, like the two in my photos below. The one on the left is in Bourré. The one on the right with the satellite dish is in Amboise. I've only been inside one such house, in Vouvray. It wasn't beautiful inside, but it looked like it was fairly comfortable.



  1. I would love to step inside one of these beautiful homes.

  2. Wow, those last two are really great looking on the front. I imagine it would be nice and cool inside, but I would be bummed by the lack of sunlight and views, for anything more than a weekend rental.

  3. These two are quite attractive - the stone makes me wonder where the plumbing runs though.


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