27 September 2022

Grapes, traffic, and eye developments

The heat came on this morning, with the thermostat set at 18.5ºC — that's 65.3ºF. The temperature outside is 10.5ºC, and that's warmer than on a lot of recent mornings. The heating season has begun. We've got more than two thousand liters of fuel oil in our underground tank, and we've got a cord of firewood stacked in places that are protected from the rain. We had a couple of hours of steady rain yesterday afternoon. Thank the clouds! Tasha and I went out in it for our afternoon walk.



I had a good drive up to Blois yesterday morning. The roads were dry, not slippery. A lot of big-rig trucks were out slowing traffic down. On the local roads, narrow and curvy, you can't really get around them. They are especially slow going through the villages — five of them in all — because of speed bumps (also called gendarmes couchés) installed to slow car traffic down. The appointment with the eye doctor went smoothly, except for one thing: I have a cataract forming in my right eye. There's nothing to do right now, the doctor said. Come back in a year and we'll see if it's getting bigger or not.


  1. I have heard gendarme allongé.
    The shrew, AKA the new iPad is beginning to be tamed! Now I can sign my posts with my initials. Ouf!

    1. It seems the problem was with Google and Blogger! Who knew?

    2. According to le wiktionnaire, gendarme couché is old-fashioned. Dos d'âne or ralentisseur are more often used.

      Can you describe the solution you found?

    3. Here what I saw when I first used my new tablet and I tried to comment with my initials, and I could comment only anonymously : “Comment with your Google account if you’d like to be able to manage your comments in the future. If you comment anonymously, you won’t be able to edit or delete your comment. “
      I’m afraid I don’t remember exactly what I did and in what order; I had to go in both Google and Blogger, as I recall. Since it is a new tablet the settings are to be done the right way to be up to date. I had to set up and confirm my Google account and ask to sign with my initials (name) not anonymous. It had nothing to do with your blog since after being able to post with my initials on your blog, I was able to do the same on Walt’s without doing anything special. The process I went through wasn’t very clear to me; I’m not used to that kind of jargon! This long tirade is not too clear either!
      Ce que l’on conçoit bien s’énonce clairement,
      Et les mots pour le dire arrivent aisément. Boileau - Art poétique.

    4. I have trouble commenting with my Google account when I'm on my iPad, too. I don't remember what I've tried and not tried, but it's just somehow harder to log in to your gmail account, because gmail is its own app, not done through the browser. The browser doesn't seem to be able to have me considered as logged in, when I'm on the iPad. Everything is different. I just use anonymous, and sign my name, when I comment with my iPad... so, bravo to you, chm.

  2. I had cataract surgery, actually one for each eye two weeks apart, back in May and early June. My vision was getting progressively worse, and I was reduced to reading only large print books. Also, night driving was increasingly difficult. The surgeries went smoothly, and I was in and out of Massachusetts General Hospital in under 3 hours each time. I got a new prescription at the end of June and took the last of the eye drops at the end of July. I can now read the small print at the bottom of the eye chart and perhaps best of all, the world is much brighter. As I said to the ophthalmologist back in March, I'm 73 years old, and I don't want to wait any longer.

  3. Thanks for that information, Bob F.

  4. Christine from CA29 September, 2022 01:14

    I have had cataracts removed from both eyes. So very happy! I did get one eye "set" for reading and the other for distance. Now, no glasses!


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