25 September 2022

News of Natasha

April 2021

It's time to declare 'Tasha completely recovered from her accident last January. She has no limp at all — the veterinary surgeon did a good job. The only thing different in her behavior is that she is not at all interested in going up or down the narrow, steep wooden staircase that leads up to the loft. Walt got her groomed last week and posted some photos. Then he took her to the veterinary clinic to get her weighed. She has lost a lot of weight during her recovery. She now weighs in at just less than 11 kilos — about 24 lbs.

July 2022


  1. Awww, that is great news!
    So... does she just sleep on the main floor, now? Or does one of you have to carry her up and down?

    1. Walt carries her up and down. Evening and morning. Only one round-trip a day. She's fine on the other stairs, the ones that go down to ground level.

  2. So glad to hear that she has fully recovered, she's such a lovely dog.

  3. Glad she is well now and prudent.

  4. she's beautiful. I don't blame her re the steps

  5. Tasha's coloring is just exquisite. Glad to hear she is fully recovered, and maintaining a lighter weight.

  6. Great news! Is 24 pounds her optimum weight? She is so beautiful!

  7. She looks great! How much weight did she weigh before the weight loss? Great parenting, regardless!

  8. She weighed over 30 lbs. last January. Now down to 24. She's still full of pep and gives signs of being a happy dog.

  9. Just her smile and stance reinstates her spirit and pep! Again, pets rely on their owners for the quantity of food they eat, so you and Walt can take credit for her well-being!


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