10 May 2021

Stormy skies over the Château de Carrouges

Soon I might have to rename this blog Spending a lifetime at Carrouges... The day we were there in August 2011, after the horse show at the Haras du Pin, the weather was threatening, but we didn't get soaked. Coincidentally, we had stormy weather and heavy rain overnight, after a very windy Sunday afternoon.


  1. These photos are excellent. Was it a Cannon or a Lumix? Carrouges is really beautiful in a kind of way. Maybe more impressive than beautiful!

  2. Lumix TZ6 (called XS1 in North America). The same day and the same camera I used at the Haras du Pin.

  3. chm, regarding yesterday's comment, c'était le jardinier qui avait dit haie. Il avait dit avoir 5.000 mètres de haie à tailler :)

    1. Judy, je croyais que vous parliez du topiaire qu'il était en train de tailler. Je suis trop sourd pour comprendre les commentaires, aussi ai-je coupé le son de ma tablette pour ne pas gêner mon voisin de chambre. Navré de ne pas vous avoir compris.

  4. I remember those storm clouds. Carrouges and le Haras du Pin- all in one wonderful day!

  5. I'm really enjoying these pictures. The tall conical towers are so fairytale-looking, and the whole place is beautiful -- although I imagine the maintenance is pretty labor-intensive.


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