04 October 2020

The Vouvray gîte owner's house and property

I mentioned earlier that the owner of the gîte we rented in Vouvray in 2000 and 2001 lived right across the street. Her house looked magnificent from the outside — we didn't go inside. The house was originally built during the French Renaissance of the 16th century. It was expanded and enlarged in the 18th. There are two large buildings on the property.

Apparently, the property was a winery in the past. It was called the Domaine des Barguins. When we were there, there was no evidence of a wine cellar or shop. The owner rented out the smaller house we stayed in, and she had been operating a table d'hôtes business in the big house. That is, she was preparing meals for customers, probably including her gîte tenants and other tourists.

She sold the house a decade or more ago, we've been told by people we like to buy wine from in Vouvray. I'm not sure if the house is occupied, but the other building on the property has been converted into a bed and breakfast (chambres d'hôtes). It's the building you see in the photo just after the wooden Les Barguins sign. The photos in which you see a white wooden gate were taken from the gîte property, looking toward Les Barguins. And the woman in black in the last photo of the slide show is our friend Cheryl, who was staying there with us in 2001. She passed away several years ago.


  1. The first photo is so typical of rural France. It makes me hopeful to return someday. It's nice to see Cheryl. I wish I had had a chance to meet her.

  2. It's a great little house. The Renaissance architecture is just right imo - great proportions and stylish without being overdone. That roof is quite steep, looks like more than 45 degrees.

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