31 August 2019

Feuilles de vigne, et un ouragan

This slideshow is made up of just six photos of grapevine leaves. I think a slideshow is the best way to display them. You won't have to scroll around, and I won't be tempted to write a lot of text just to fill in gaps between static images. And it will take you only a minute or so to see them.

I'm pretty preoccupied with the news of Hurricane Dorian right now. It's a monster storm that's headed for Florida, where Walt and I both have family members and friends. Twenty million people live in Florida and millions more are there as visitors and tourists. In addition, this is a major holiday weekend in the U.S.

Hurricane Dorian, with winds at 200+ kph, is headed toward the central Florida coast and is then
predicted to ride the warm-water Gulf Stream up to the North Carolina coast, 800 kilometers north.

Now predictions are for the storm to ride up the U.S. southeast coast, pulled along by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, toward my home town in North Carolina, Morehead City. Most of my family and many old friends of mine still live there. I worry about them. The town is on very low-lying, marshy, sandy coastal land and is highly vulnerable to hurricane-force winds and flooding.


  1. I hope this hurricane does not do much damage, and I hope your hometown will not suffer.

  2. I hope Dorian will hit Merd-a-Lago, exclusively.

    1. Looks like Donald's property in Florida will be unscathed. I'm keeping an eye on Morehead — Joanna's and Ginger's homes and all my cousins' and friends'. Wish them luck.

    2. Yes, that's what I read about Dorian turning east and putting the Carolinas in jeopardy. I keep my fingers crossed hoping they'll be safe.

    3. Merd-a-Lago omg that is hysterical! Maybe Dorian will veer out to sea. Or make a u-turn back to merdville. At least we can enjoy Randy Rainbow from Broadway(yes that's his real name)doing the Trump parity Cheeto Christ Stupid Czar:


  3. As of about 9 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday, it looks as if this thing may be less directly a hit on Florida, although it's a slow storm and will bring with it a lot of rain. By the time it gets up the coast, it's projected to be down to a Cat 1, with lower winds. Not absence of danger, but possibly an easing off of it.
    I, too, have family in its path, so have been watching closely.
    chm wins the internets today for "Merd-a-Lago". :-)


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