02 August 2017

Vineyard scenes at sunrise

These three photos are ones I took last Saturday morning. The weather was improving, warming up, though we were to have a few rain showers over the rest of the weekend. The last part of July was disappointing because it was chilly and gray, but the last three or four days have been pretty nice.

Natasha, our Shetland sheepdog puppy, is barely visible here. She loves the walks in the vineyard and has chased several deer over the past three or four days. This dirt road runs for a mile out through the vines before it meets up with a little paved lane.

As I mentioned in a post with some close-up photos a few days ago, right now the vineyard is full of the wild carrot plants that we call Queen Anne's Lace. The vineyard landscape is all green and white right now.

The first photo above was taken looking west, out across the vineyard. When I turned around and looked back east into the sunrise and toward our house, this is what the camera saw. The tall pointy tree in the middle of the scene stands in our yard, just a few feet from our house.

Over on the north side of the Renaudière vineyard, across a ravine that is an often dry creekbed, there is more land planted in vines. I'm not sure if these are considered to be part of the same vineyard, or if this land has its own name. The hamlet over there (8 or 10 houses) is called Grand-Maison because it's centered on a big old house, and the paved road (not actually visible here) is called la rue des Bas-Bonneaux. From where I'm standing you can enjoy a view out over the Cher River Valley. I was focusing on the green grape leaves and the pretty morning sky when I took this picture.


  1. Lovely photos. I especially like the Queen Anne's lace.

  2. Yes, I like the Queen Anne's lace too. Beautiful. And a nice sunrise.

  3. I'm glad that Natasha is enjoying the walks in the vineyard. I'd hate to think of you and Walt without that daily "chore".

  4. I remember picking Queen Annes Lace and my mom would put it in a bottle of water with food dye in it and it would turn the white flower whatever color she used ... I thought she was effing brilliant ! :)


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