12 August 2017

Tomates, basilic, et mozzarella

With the weather we're having — it's Octoberish — it seems like the wrong season for this salad. Nevertheless, we are getting our first ripe tomatoes out of the vegetable garden, so we're eating them the way we like to eat them when they start to ripen.

With balsamic vinegar and olive oil, that is, over the cheese and tomatoes. It was mozzarella di buffula, not a cow's milk cheese. And basil we've grown in the greenhouse.

I think we'll be seeing an improvement in the weather over the next few days. We had hard downpours yesterday, especially in the morning. One giboulée happened while I was filling up the Peugeot's fuel tank up at SuperU. I didn't exactly get soaked, but the rain was hard and windblown.


  1. Le temps, c'est les montagnes russes!

  2. I've not known a summer like it. Dreadful. Let's hope for a perfect September!

  3. It is not fair for me to have to sit here and see delicious , not to mention beautiful, food at 8 am ... it just isn't.

  4. I'm having the same thing for lunch today.

  5. Mitch just brought a huge bowl of tomatoes in from the garden, so we'll be doing it all. Love this time of year, and love tomatoes the way you do, too. Bring it on!


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