21 February 2017

Surf and foam

I do miss living near the ocean. Growing up in coastal North Carolina instilled in me a love for and respect for the sea. Living in Saint-Aignan, however — far from the Atlantic — doesn't make me feel deprived. I've found a new environment that I love as much.

These are just a few more photos I took a few days ago. Surf, seabirds, seafoam. Beautiful.


  1. When on the seashore, what I like is the immensity of the ocean.

  2. That first photo in particular is amazing. Wish I was there.

  3. These photos really are fantastic .. I can almost hear the sound of the waves breaking . I live in florida fgs and have not seen the ocean yet ... I will see it when I say leave :)

  4. I see some emerald in the waves, becoming the Emerald Coast.


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