20 February 2017


Here's my haul from our shelling trip to the beach on Saturday. The weather was breezy and warm. The sand at the Fort Macon State Park public beach was just full of tiny seashells.

On a PC or Mac, click on the image to enlarge it, and then click again when you see the little magnifying glass on the screen. You can also enlarge the image on your tablet but I'm not sure whether you lose sharpness or not.


  1. That's quite a collection!

  2. They are all very small shells. I'll take them back to Saint-Aignan and have them there to remind me of my home by the sea.

  3. I especially like the blue ones .. I have done that, taking shells home, putting them in a pretty glass jar/bottle for good memories :)

    1. I have a couple of containers in mind where they will be safe and visible.

  4. Memories from my childhood time spent at the New Jersey shore :)

  5. I know, I can't remember the last time I went out to the beach to pick up shells. I hope I'm going to have room to pack these, along with all the other stuff I've bought.

  6. Similar to ones I find on the beaches at the Gulf Coast, near Venice or Sarasota.....We all love searching for shells.


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